Bespoked London 2014

Bamboo chopper is a natural

Bamboo may be the composite tubing that literally grows as trees, but while any gardener who has let it get out of control knows all too well, this wonder material is not easily mastered.

Bespoked London 2014

Moss stuck to no stones

For a good news story in bicycle building, look no further than Andrew Jones and Jonathan Clark, the design technology teacher and workshop technician at Adams’ Grammar School in Newport, Shropshire.

Bespoked London 2014

Automatic – but not easy

This husband-and-wife outfit was literally on a research trip to Bespoked, showing off two of the four bikes built to date by racer-turned-builder John Ross. His first and so far only blog entry, of 28 November 2013, is a photo of a shipping container being deposited in what could be his back garden in Bristol: “Its …

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